GX470 Forward Switch Panel

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****3 Variations available****

  1. 4 switch panel (+1 over OEM)
  2. 5 switch panel (+2 over OEM)
  3. 3 ARB switch + 6 Toyota switch (+3 ARB and +3 over OEM)


GX470 front panel that goes in front of the transfer case selector panel. This panel allows for +1 or +2 additional switches from the stock GX470 panel that only holds 3 switches.

No modifications required to vehicle. This panel drops in place like the original panel.

Accepts all Toyota switches that are 21mm x 39mm (0.83" x 1.54″)


Panel is sold with or without switch blanks for the +1/+2 switch locations.


Please note that this part is 3D printed one by one, and not bulk manufactured. There may be small variations between parts.

Please message me if you want customization (Different switches, configurations, etc)


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Snapped right in and was easy to sand and paint. Great product!