2002 - 2009 Lexus GX470 Transfer case surround panel

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Lexus GX470 transfer case selector panel replacement.

No modifications required to vehicle. This panel drops in place like the original panel


 There are 3 versions of the panel currently offered:


- 1. Blank panel (with or without DAC switch cutout)

- 2. Cup holder panel (with or without DAC switch cutout) (Cup holder is 3.62" in diameter to fit vacuum sealed containers like hydro flask. Cup is 3.0" deep which is considerably deeper than the stock center cup holder)

- 3. 8-switch switch pros SP9100 panel (with or without DAC switch cutout)

- 4. Dual Cup holder panel (without DAC switch cutout) (Cup holder is 3.15" in diameter to fit most 20 oz water bottles and 30 oz tumblers.) There is also pockets for a pen and lip balm tube on the sides of the cup holder.


DAC switch is placed deeper into panel than stock panel to prevent accidental activation of DAC.


We also offer inserts to reduce the size of the cup holder that are removable.





 ***FREE SHIPPING included with panel***


Please note that this part is 3D printed one by one, and not bulk manufactured. There may be small variations between parts.

Please message me if you want customization (Different switches, configurations, etc)