2002 - 2009 Lexus GX470 Cup Holder Insert

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Drop in insert for center console drink holder of Lexus GX470. 3D printed with PETG Plastic. Available in Black.

This insert replaces the factory spring loaded accessory. This insert was designed using the measurements from the drink holder. The insert fits very snug making drinks more secure.

Drink holder lid will still close with the insert installed.

The 3 hole sizes currently offered are 12oz/16oz soda can, Starbucks iced Grande, and 30oz tumbler(Yeti style).

Configurations for order:

  1. Driver side (Starbucks Grande iced drink) – Passenger Side (12oz soda can)
  2. Driver side (Starbucks Grande iced drink) – Passenger side (Starbucks Grande iced drink)
  3. Driver side (Yeti 30 ounce tumbler) – Passenger Side (Starbucks Grande iced drink)
  4. Driver side (Yeti 30 ounce tumbler) – Passenger Side (12oz Soda Can)


Please note that this part is 3D printed one by one, and not bulk manufactured. There may be small variations between parts.

Please message me if you want customization (other colors, different hole size, logos, etc)

Customer Reviews

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Mark Ermis
Perfect Fit - Perfect Function

The cup holder fits well. It's snug so that it can't pop out. It's a big improvement and I recommend it to anyone with a GX.

Cup holder insert 30oz yeti/ venti cup size

Great fit; works as intended and no longer worried about spilling drinks.

Craig Trask

2002 - 2009 Lexus GX470 Cup Holder Insert

Absolute Must Have for GX470 Owners

Seriously, I should have bought one of these 2 years ago. For as much as I love my GX470, the Lexus designer in charge of the stock cupholders was a terrible person. I've lost count of how many times I have spilled drinks because of how wide and shallow the cupholders are. This simple and effective insert has brought me such joy. Now I'm not frantically reaching down to grasp my cup(s) when taking tight turns, or heck, even a normal turn. THANK YOU BLUE DOG